Assignment Examples

The following are links to or descriptions of the best of former student’s creative projects. (These projects were created for various assignments that changed over time.)  Projects with the least amount of technical expertise Diary project reflecting on tech detox (days spent without using a phone or social media)  #mediocrefoods Instagram showing what real food […]

Digital Tools

Infographics + Visualization Canva — basic graphics, infographics, charts, and posters (free online) Bitmoji— make your own comic strips or emoji (free app for iOS, Android) Piktochart — easy infographics (free online) — creates GIFs automatically (free online) Giphy GIFmaker — creates GIFs automatically (free online) Powtoons — creates animated presentations and videos (free educational package with limitations) Image/Video […]

Honors Methods Seminar

This seminar was developed to help undergraduate honors students in Film and Media Studies learn the research, writing, and production methodologies that will allow them to complete their honors thesis projects in a timely fashion. Faculty mentors visit the class to discuss their own writing and creative strategies, and the students share and workshop their […]

Digital + New Media Theory

This course serves as an introduction to theories of media, focusing specifically on digital media and its predecessors. Our readings will examine the origins and development of technoculture, which is a term that refers to the influence technology has on culture, politics, and aesthetic forms. More specifically, we will study the impact of computation on […]

Black Mirror

This course closely examines the Netflix/Channel 4 series Black Mirror (2011-2023), a science-fiction anthology series that explores the implications of digital technology on our society. The class pairs screenings of the show with readings on the relationships between digital media and politics, social relationships, privacy, identity, trolling, etc. Students then work on their own ideas for Black Mirror episodes.

Introduction to Television + Digital Media

Designed in conjunction with Dr. Michele Schreiber and Dr. Beretta Smith-Shomade. This course introduces the analysis of television and digital media. Readings and assignments identify and evaluate the aesthetic principles, narrative strategies, and cultural significances of these media forms. Although not a history course, it explores some technological developments that shift how media are produced, […]